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The OverFile is a far future science fiction novel about the adventures of an ageless alien

creature known as the Spherit. Within its storyline, The OverFile offers an alternative theory

of the meaning of reality and the workings of the mind.


This site offers free general information on how to use a newly patented method for improving

reading speed which utilizes a “twistable pointer.” The site also explains how you can easily

make your own crude twistable pointer, as well as providing a free downloadable PDF instruction

manual to assist in the use of the new method.  The site is geared toward seeking a manufacturer

interested in licensing the production of various kinds of twistable reading pointers based on the patent.


Jixis is a simple and totally free music system for learning how to play a piano-type keyboard and

various stringed instruments. In the Jixis keyboard system, miniature color-coded keying labels are

placed on the rear end of every other white key. The labels transform the keyboard into a graphical

format which corresponds directly to ordinary written music. This makes it simple and easy to learn

to play the keyboard and to learn the musical note names. In the Jixis Fingerboard system, at

www.jixis.com/FB.htm, no labels need be applied to you fingerboard to use the system.


CERI is an acronym for Controllably Extendible Restraint Interconnections. The site offers

information on a new type of US patented handcuffing system which utilizes an extendible

belt tether with an enclosed ratchet system to assist in the control of unruly and oversized

subjects who are difficult to restrain. The patent was allowed on 022707. I am its co-


Portable Recyclable Fluid Flushing Method

Portable Recyclable Fluid Flushing Method is a US patent 7,000,267. This patent

addresses devices that are primarily intended for emergency eye and wound flushing.

Integrated Multimodal Pointer Method (IMP)

Multimodal Pointer Method is a US patent 7,006,074. This patent addresses a new

type of computer pointing device which may be alternately used in various modes, e.g.,

as a mouse, as a trackball, or hand-held in the air.

Pendulous Control Valve System

Pendulous Control Valve System is a US Patent 7,334,596, issued 02/26/2008.

A Pendulous Control Valve System of the type under consideration for relatively

low pressure, small-scale applications, uses a caged rotatable ball valve having

internal gravity responsive masses and a vertically orientated axial conduit for flow control.

The Graphic Music System

The Graphic Music system is a US Patent # 4885969, and is an integral music system

for use in association with all chromatically scaled musical instruments

The Light Visor

The Light Visor is an auxiliary mini-sunshade which acts in effect like a “miniature hand”

which is rotatable about the end of a thin, flexible "stay-put" arm. The opposite end of the

flexible tube is non-obstructively fastened to a clip or bracket, which attaches to your

vehicle sun visor. The Light Visor saves you from having to hold your arm in a tiring position

 when the sun is blinding you and your vehicle sun visor cannot effectively block the  immediate sun angle.

The RAF Method

This web page contains information related to US Provisional Patent Application

(PPA) #61475365, titled Random Action Filtering (RAF) Method. The RAF method is

currently thought to be a novel method of liquid filtration. A non-provisional patent was

applied for on April 12, 2012.

The FQXI Essay

On February 14, 2011, more than a decade after The OverFile was written, I submitted

an essay to FQXI, The Foundational Questions Institute. The theme for the year was,

“Is Reality Digital or Analog?” The essay expands upon the theory of reality and mind

presented in The OverFile. The links below will take you either to the submitted essay

 online, or to a directly downloadable PDF.

Title: Digital vs. Analog Reality: An Alien Perspective – Online

Title: Digital vs. Analog Reality: An Alien Perspective – PDF Download

The Portable Stick-on Bubble Level

This web page contains information related to US Provisional Patent Application

(PPA) #61493222, filed 060311, titled Portable Stick-On Bubble Level.











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